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Spare skates for Corsair mouse – the perfect accompaniment to a quality glide

The American company Corsair is working on gaming computer accessories and peripherals of various levels. One of the leading directions of the brand is manipulators. The manufacturer produces simple budget models and professional accessories for real cybersportsmen.

In the FeetGlide online store, you can buy Corsair mouse feet so that the manipulator does not lose its usual glide level and movement speed. The original skates become thinner over time, which is why the device begins to move on a mat or other surface not so quickly and easily. Spare mouse feet will help correct the situation.

Teflon mouse feet for the most popular Corsair mice

Corsair gaming accessories are a sure step towards achieving high eSports results. The manufacturer is working on universal manipulators and devices that are aimed at specific areas of gaming.

The top manipulators include wired and wireless models, mice with or without backlight – solutions for users with a variety of preferences. Corsair spare glides are available for each popular series and model in the catalog:

  • Katar Pro XT.
  • Sabre RGB Pro и RGB Pro Wireless.
  • Vengeance M60, M65, M65 Pro и M65 RGB Elite.

For the series skatez are created that can be used in conjunction with any model representing the line.

Full identity for instant return of familiar characteristics

Brand developers are attentive to details. Creating glides is a job that takes a lot of time. For manufacturing, 100% PTFE material is used, which undergoes deep grinding. Sanded PTFE provides optimal friction with the mat and other surfaces.

Replacement Teflon mouse feet for Corsair are produced by analogy with the original ones. The pads are made of identical PTFE material with a thickness in the range of 0.6-0.75 mm. The thickness depends on the model, but in any case guarantees high wear resistance and smooth sliding.

Spare glides are similar in shape to the original ones. After replacement you will not notice the difference – the skates will return the controllability to the manipulator, which was typical for the first weeks of use.

We offer to order mouse feet  with worldwide delivery. Your Corsair skates will arrive within 10-24 days of ordering. The package includes 2 sets of glides and an alcohol wipe for degreasing the mouse.

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