Delivery is available to over 200 countries worldwide.

All orders are processed no later than the next day, except for weekends – Saturday and Sunday.

After we send the order you’ll receive an e-mail with the tracking number, with which you can track the path of the parcel to you.

We ship via UkrPoshta whichare the transfer services that forward your package to your local delivery service in charge once it reaches country of destination. From that moment onward, your package is under their jurisdiction. Some examples of this:

  • Kazakhstan – KazPochta
  • Poland – Poczta Polska
  • Germany – Deutsche Post, DHL, Hermes

Shipping cost is 2.49 and doesn’t depend on the number of ordered items.

Delivery time

Delivery time varies from destination country. Average delivery times for some countries and regions:

  • Ukraine: 3-5 days
  • Kazakhstan: 10-18 days
  • Poland and the Baltic states: 6-12 days
  • Western Europe: 7-16 days
  • USA: 10-16 days

In connection with the new customs rules that are in effect in the territory of the EU countries from 1.07.2021, the duty-free import of goods worth up to 22 euros was canceled. When ordering to EU countries, the customs clearance procedure may lead to an increase in the delivery time.

We suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the customs regulations that apply in your country.