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Mouse feet for Razer – how to make this legendary product last longer and better.

Razer is a true icon in the world of gaming devices. From the moment of its foundation in 1998 to the present day, the principles of the Californian brand remain innovative and bold technological solutions.

The company’s first product released was the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse. The gaming mouse segment is still the most important segment for the company. It was the successful models of gaming manipulators that brought the brand its first worldwide fame.

Another credit to Razer is that it was they who began to produce separate types of mice for different genres of games. So, the first mouse for MMO games was the Razer Naga.

In addition, the company has a number of innovations that were introduced into gaming mice by it. Skates made of pure Teflon, the use of optical switches in buttons, the constant leadership in the technical parameters of optical sensors used in mice – the list goes on and on.

For gamers by gamers is the irreplaceable slogan of the company. Unlike many, for Razer, the motto is not only an empty declaration, but also a constant rule of thumb. Award-winning esportsmen and opinion leaders of the gaming community are involved in the development process of most products.

Today Razer is the undisputed leader in the gaming mouse category in the North American market. And in the rest of the world, the products are also very popular.

Notable fact: Razer DeathAdder was the first gaming mouse, which passed the milestone of 10 million units sold.

Skatez for Razer mice – are a way to save money.

With an abundance of strengths and merits, Razer mice have one important drawback – the traditionally high cost of the product. And if an impressive amount of hard earned money has already been laid out, then it’s natural that you want to use the product as long as possible.

Replaceable Feetglide teflon mouse feet extend the lifespan of any Razer mouse in the brand’s range. Most popular models: Razer DeathAdder Elite, Razer Mamba Wireless, Razer Viper, Razer Naga Trinity. But the entire line of models of game manipulators is much wider.

Our online store brings to your attention three dozen glide models. Here you can buy hyperglides for every Razer mouse released over the past 3-4 years.

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