Ślizgacze do myszy HyperX

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Mouse feet for HyperX – reload your weapon!

HyperX is an American star manufacturer of eSports devices and the latest globally recognized gaming brand to introduce itself to the world. The name, originally “born” in the offices of Kingston Technology for a line of traditional components for PCs – RAM, and a little later – and SSD drives. The brand’s first product in gaming peripherals, HyperX Cloud gaming headset co-developed with Qpad, entered the market in 2014.

Since then, HyperX’s assortment has expanded significantly to include all the traditional categories of the gaming market today: headsets, keyboards, mice, surfaces, microphones and a variety of accessories.

Today HyperX is an esports product recognized and marketed in over 100 countries around the world. Behind the back of the brand are hundreds, if not thousands, of esports players and influencers who, on contractual obligations, popularize their products among millions of gamers around the world.

In the gaming mice category, the brand launched in 2017 with the Pulsefire FPS model and has since expanded its range of gaming mice.

FeetGlide skates for HyperX mice – the right solution for your problems.

Our online store offers replacement mouse feet for absolutely all mice ever produced within the HyperX line.

With the exception of the most current Haste model, which is initially equipped with 100% teflon skates, the rest of the brand’s manipulators don’t differ in the special quality of the glides. At the same time, they differ in a number of outstanding consumer characteristics that can “solder” their owners to themselves for a long time.

What should you do if the original slide has disappeared, but otherwise the manipulator is completely fine with you? The answer is obvious – just buy HyperX hyperglides on our website.

Taking into account the presence of two sets in the package, this will save you from such a problem for a long time. In our catalog you will find skatez for the following models of HyperX mice:

  • Pulsefire Core
  • Pulsefire FPS/FPS Pro
  • Pulsefire Surge
  • Pulsefire Raid
  • Pulsefire Dart Wireless
  • Pulsefire Haste
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