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Replaceable mouse feet are a simple and affordable way to extend the life of your device.
Teflon mouse feet from FeetGlide is designed to enhance or restore functionality to gaming mice. First of all, they will be useful to gamers and advanced users.
When can replaceable feet be useful?

You have noticed a deterioration in the sliding of the manipulator. But you are used to your mouse, and in other aspects it is completely satisfactory. Turn the device over and you will see that the level of the skatez is equal to the profile of the lower plane of the device. This means that the mice feet are worn out and need to be replaced.
Interference was made in the internal space of the device. For example, at a service center or by yourself have cleaned the scroll wheel mechanism. Or there is a need to replace the switch of one of the buttons, the reasons are different. In mice the fasteners connecting the top and bottom of the case are hidden just under the skates. And you can’t get to the screws without dismantling it. But, alas, it’s impossible to return it to the original state after reassembling the case. The adhesive base will no longer adhere perfectly evenly when reinstalled. A simple and obvious solution in this case will be the purchase of replacement mouse glides.
You have carefully chosen your new gaming mouse. And found the most suitable option for you in terms of ergonomics, functionality, price, etc. But during operation, you discovered that the sliding level of the device is not optimal. It doesn’t matter, this problem is easy to solve – buy hyperglides.

What are FeetGlide mouse feet made of?
The material for the production of skatez for manipulators is 100% PTFE. The correct scientific name for this material is polytetrafluoroethylene. But in everyday life the name “Teflon” is used more often. This name, Teflon®, is a proprietary trademark of DuPont.

Why is this polymer the best raw material for the production of replacement skatez? This material has a uniquely low coefficient of friction (below 0.06 microns) and is able to provide the best sliding.

To enhance the natural properties of the material, a mandatory final grinding is carried out. As a result, immediately after installation, the glides demonstrate the best sliding properties. There is no need to additionally “grind” it during operation.

The type of material used determines the color of the mouse glides. After all, white is the natural color of PTFE polymer. And any additives, including paint, violate its original unique properties.
What are the performance features of the FeetGlide mouse feet?
The extremely smooth Teflon surface provides excellent glide and therefore travel speed. Reducing friction also has a positive effect on the level of control over the manipulator. The device seems to levitate above the surface. This property leads to several positive results at once:

For gamers increasing the speed of movement of the manipulator is an obvious competitive advantage. First of all, this applies to competitive disciplines in the shooter genre: CS: GO, Call of Duty: Warzone, etc.
Reduces wrist fatigue when working for more than 2-3 hours. This is true for both players. as well as for professionals whose work is associated with a constant stay at the PC.
The service life of the gaming surface is increased. You no longer need to make excessive efforts, inadvertently pressing the body of the device into the mat.

Mouse glide FAQ
Will the sensor lift-off distance be violated?
Most modern gaming mice have an adjustable sensor lift-off distance. But even if your model doesn’t have this functionality, there is no reason to worry.

The thickness of the skatez of each model is calculated precisely for the corresponding mouse model. FeetGlide hyperglides have a higher profile than the default factory mouse skates. But this difference does not exceed a few tenths of a millimeter. And such values will in no way affect the usual behavior of the manipulator. But it will have a positive effect on the service life of the teflon feet.
What is the resource of Teflon mouse feet?
Wear on PTFE skates is inevitable. This material property is inextricably linked to minimized friction and comfortable sliding. How long will one set of stickers last? Depends on the type of surface used in the workplace. And also on the personal characteristics of using the device.

Hard gaming surfaces provide the fastest travel speeds. But on such type of surfaces, the wear of the PTFE material will be most intense.
Fabric surfaces provide a more balanced manipulator behavior and a longer skatez lifespan.

Given that wear and tear is a normal process and this is a consumable item, you will find two sets of glides in every FeetGlide package. Spare mouse feet allow you to upgrade your device twice.
Is it easy to install glides on a gaming mouse?
The process of replacing the skates of a gaming mouse is simple, doesn’t take much time and doesn’t require any specific skills.

Brief description of the sequence of the process and required actions:

Remove the old mouse deet from the gaming mouse. It is necessary to thoroughly clean the space under them from glue residues.
Using the included alcohol napkin, wipe the area under the glides. Then dry it with a cloth.
Carefully peel off the backing paper from the back of the mouse feet.
Carefully place the new feet into the corresponding slots. Press the mouse firmly on a flat surface for 30 seconds.
Done! Enjoy great glide.

What kind of computer mice are FeetGlide skates suitable for?
There is a huge range of mice on the market today for gamers and advanced users. Our shop contains an assortment for more than 100 of the most demanded and popular models. And this assortment is constantly expanding – after all, the process of changing model lines doesn’t stop.

At the FeetGlide online store you can buy skates for mice from different brands. Such as: Logitech, Razer, SteelSeries, HyperX, and others, the list of which is given below:

Cooler Master
Endgame Gear

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