FeetGlide Skates for Logitech G302 / G303 (FG-040)

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Perfect glide

Perfect glide

Pure polished PTFE material gives your gaming mouse an unrivaled level of glide.

Precision and control

Precision and control

The use of Teflon feet provides full control over the movement of the mouse on the working surface. Both with sweeping movements and with minimal mouse movement. It is now easier to achieve maximum cursor precision.

Finished edge

Finished edge

All skates are finished on the outer edge. The absence of sharp corners ensures smooth mouse movement and reduces the necessary lapping time at the beginning of use.

High quality materials

High quality materials

Only 100% pure PTFE material is used in the production of glides. As well as specially selected glue, which ensures reliable fixation of glides, and no residue removal.

High resource

High resource

The thickness of the material is selected individually for each mouse model in such a way as to provide the maximum resource of use, without violating the usual lift-off distance of the sensor.

Spare mouse feet for Logitech G302 and G303 gamer’s manipulators – precise aiming in every action

The Swiss company Logitech produces computer peripherals and devices for gamers, which have almost no market competitors. Among the most accurate, fast and reliable accessories, users note two models of mice – Logitech G302 and Logitech G303.

Despite the brand’s technological advancement and many patented technologies, skates continue to be a wear item. In the FeetGlide online store Teflon mouse feet for the Logitech G303 and G302 mice are waiting for you – the most valuable consumable that experienced players always try to keep with them.

Replacement hyperglides for the G302 manipulator

The G302 is designed for MOBA games. The manufacturer worked on the device together with professional e-sportsmen and testers of computer accessories.

The accessory doesn’t let users down at a crucial moment, thanks to precise positioning during the most difficult missions. The manipulator owes much of this accuracy to the skates used.

The original mouse feet are made of PTFE material with a thickness of 0.8 mm. The selected thickness helps to withstand the weight of the mouse – 87 grams, and at the same time maintain the inherent properties for a long time.

When you do experience natural distortion, the replacement feet for the Logitech G302 mouse will help you bring your mouse back to its original performance.

Spare skates for G303

Glides for the G302 can be used with the 303. The manipulators have an identical design, which allows you to work with universal consumables.

Accessories differ in the set of supported technologies. The chip of the updated manipulator is a sensor with Delta Zero technology for optimal tracking of every movement. In parallel it minimizes the mouse tracking error and increases the speed of movement.

Together with the new sensor, the mouse feet of the manipulator affect the speed and smoothness of movement. Therefore, we recommend that you always keep spare skates for the Logitech G303 on hand in order to be able to quickly restore controllability when worn out..

Perfect glide out of conditions and time

Timely replacement of worn pads is a guarantee of stable operation of the mouse. Spare mouse feet are made by analogy with the original ones and are suitable for two models of accessories.

The material is also deep ground PTFE with a thickness recommended by the manufacturer of 0.8 mm. You can order glides for the Logitech G303 or G302 mouse with worldwide delivery. The product will be delivered within 10-24 days from the date of order.


Check and compare the size and shape of your mouse feet with with one of FeetGlide. Make sure is it identical.
Instruction. Step 1
Remove the old mouse feet. Remove any remaining adhesive on the surface.
Instruction. Step 2
Degrease the surface with the supplied wipe. Then dry the surface.
Instruction. Step 3
Carefully remove the elements from the backing paper. Do not touch the adhesive layer.
Instruction. Step 4
Place the new mouse feet sequentially to the right place. Press the mouse on a flat surface for about 30 seconds.
Instruction. Step 5
Done! Enjoy superb glide of your mouse.
Instruction. Step 6



If I haven’t found any skates for my mouse model?

There is a huge assortment of gaming mice on the market now. Some of them don’t find a large number of consumers, while others are sold in millions of copies. We closely follow the development of the market and the updating of the model lines of the leading manufacturers. Nevertheless, it’s very difficult to keep up with everything. If you haven’t found any glides for your mouse in our catalog – don’t be discouraged. Just write us a request for feedback. We’ll definitely consider your request and, most likely, we’ll expand our assortment with the mouse feet you need.

Will the lift-off distance of the mouse be violated when changing glides?

The thickness of the FeetGlide is designed separately for each mouse model. In most cases it’s slightly larger than the factory feet with which the mice are originally sold. But this difference is in tenths of a millimeter and will not affect the lift-off distance of the mouse. But this has a positive effect on increasing the resource of the skates.

In addition, most actual gaming mice have an adjustable lift-off distance.

Is there some kind of film on the working side of the glides?

Not. there is no transparent film on the working side of the mouse feet. Only the back, adhesive side of the glides is covered with a paper layer.

Is it possible to glue glides incorrectly and what to do about it?

When installing the glides, you may miss the mark and not ideally fall into the contour of the corresponding groove. No problem. If you immediately pay attention to this, then you can immediately correct the situation. The glue used on the back of the skates takes some time to fix. And if you immediately correct the position of the glide to the correct one, then no problems will arise.

Why are the glides in white only?

The color of the legs is determined by the natural color of the PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) material from which it is made. We use only 100% pure PTFE material in production, as it has the lowest coefficient of friction, and therefore the best sliding. Any additives, including paint, impair these properties.

How long do FeetGlide mouse feet wear out?

Teflon mouse feet are consumable items. When used it gradually wears off, such are the properties of the material. We cannot answer how quickly the glides will be erased in your case, since it depends on a number of points: the type of surface used, the individual characteristics of using the mouse, the intensity of use.

In any case you’ll always find two sets of glides inside the FeetGlide package.

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