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Esports gear needs to be in perfect condition:mouse feet for Zowie will help you.

Zowie is synonymous with Esports in the gaming periphery. The original philosophy of the brand – conciseness, reliability and the absence of “decor” and unnecessary details – was embodied in the manufacturer’s products. Even the change of brand owners didn’t influence the foundations of this ideology: in 2015, Zowie was bought out by BenQ.

While other well-known brands spend huge sums of money on expensive advertising contracts with tournament organizers, teams and specific influencers, Zowie has turned its product into the main marketing tool. Many beginners and popular players alike chose the company’s products on their own initiative, relying on their consumer qualities, and not due to external circumstances.

And of course, gaming mice have brought the main fame to the brand. This category remains the main source of the company’s profit today. Contrary to the general trends that are supported by the majority of players in the segment, Zowie mice are still distinguished by their conciseness and the absence of such components as abundant backlighting and software for setting up the device.

The main goal that the creators of the Zowie mice set for themselves was to achieve the maximum resource of devices, providing an advantage in really important moments: convenience of shape, reliable operation of the sensor, tools for customizing the mouse for yourself, regardless of which device it’s connected to at a particular moment.

Skates for Zowie mice are the ability to maintain legendary reliability without sacrificing functionality.

Today the brand offers customers four lines of mice:

  • Series EC (models EC1, EC2, EC3)
  • Series FK (models FK1+, FK1, FK2)
  • Series ZA (models ZA11, ZA12, ZA13)
  • Series S (models S1, S2)

The FeetGlide catalog contains replacement mouse feet for all mouse models from the current Zowie range.

Even in spite of the presence of spare legs in the original set of manipulators, the demand for additional hyperglides is high. This is due to the fact that the core audience of Zowie are avid gamers who use their devices in a very intensive mode.

It’s easy to restore the original mouse slide level and extend the life of your favorite device – just order FeetGlide skatez!

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