Ślizgacze do myszy Glorious

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Glorious replacement mouse skates – the precision every gamer deserves.

Every gamer has heard about the brand of computer peripherals Glorious. The manufacturer is working on advanced manipulators, while selling accessories at the cost of the middle segment. The team is known for developing the first mouse with a perforated body. Outwardly, the body resembles a honeycomb. Due to this design, the palms of gamers do not sweat. This reduces the risk of accidental slipping of the hand and knocking over the cursor.

Despite the many benefits, the original device mouse feet wears out over time and needs to be replaced. At FeetGlide you can buy replacement Glorious glides.

Replacement skatez for top models of manipulators

The first perforated series was called Model O and became the most popular among the brand’s lines. The perforated case is noticeably lighter than the one-piece case, while still providing constant ventilation.

Teflon mouse feet for Glorious are customizable for each model in the series. The catalog includes overlays for such mice:

  • Model O, Model O-, Model O Wireless
  • Model D, Model D-
  • Model I

The manufacturer has worked not only on the design of the case. Skates are also made using proprietary technology – G-Skate. The technology helps to achieve the optimal balance between smoothness, thinness and wear resistance of the linings. Thanks to the developed technology, friction with the mat surface is minimal. Due to this, the skatess for the Glorious mouse retain their original thickness for a long time and don’t affect the condition of the pad.

Replacement mouse feet that only the original can match

Polytetrafluoroethylene is used to make the glide. The 100% pure PTFE material goes through two levels of polishing to ensure that gamers get perfect glide and precise control of the manipulator.

Replaceable glides for Glorius are made by analogy with the original ones. The thickness of PTFE depends on the chosen model and is 0.65-0.8 mm. This is the best indicator in order to prevent rapid wear. The shape and size are precisely adjusted to the model for which it is designed.

You can order spare mouse feet with worldwide delivery. Delivery time depends on the region and ranges from 10 to 24 days. You’ll receive two sets of replacement skates at once, complete with alcohol-containing wipes for degreasing the case before gluing.

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