Ślizgacze do myszy FinalMouse

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Replacement mouse feet for FinalMouse – control your mouse.

The American brand FinalMouse produces gaming mice for users with different needs. The devices are easily seen on professional esports players during tournament broadcasts, but the team also releases simpler models for home gaming.

Regardless of which mouse you have, you can buy skates for the FinalMouse from the FeetGlide store. Glides are an external element, the condition and quality of which determine the accuracy of the manipulator. Factory skatez wear out over time, so experienced gamers tend to keep spares on hand.

3 reasons to replace the original pads

Replaceable mouse feet for FinalMouse are needed in such situations:

  1. The original ones did not bring the expected speed and smoothness of the movement of the manipulator.
  2. Intensive operation of the device has led to a thinning of the factory overlays. When the glides become too thin, the mouse loses its usual performance.
  3. The case of the accessory was opened. To open the case, mouse feet must be removed – the mounting bolts are located under them. The skates cannot be re-fixed to the bottom, so they need to be replaced.

Ultra-smooth grips for top models of manipulators

The manufacturer produces advanced, standard and budget series of game controllers. The most popular are Starlight-12 and Ultra Light 2 Cape Town. The catalog contains special Teflon mouse feet for FinalMouse from popular series and universal ones that are suitable for most models:

  • Ultralight Pro.
  • Phantom.
  • Sunset.
  • Scream one.
  • Tournament Pro.
  • Air58.
  • Ninja

Original quality for precise action at the crucial moment

Spare mouse feet are made of pure PTFE material, which has passed several levels of polishing. Polytetrafluoroethylene is characterized by an extremely low coefficient of friction, due to which it is possible to achieve unsurpassed sliding. Feelings after replacing the skates will be the same as in the first weeks after the purchase of the manipulator. The shape of the glides is 100% consistent with the model of the accessory for which they are intended.

You can order FinalMouse mouse feet with worldwide delivery. Depending on the region, delivery will take 10-24 days. The delivery set includes two sets of skates and two alcohol wipes used for preliminary degreasing of the surface.

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